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Welcome to  Toygers Fleur de Lys. We are a small in-home cattery of Toygers in Canada, located in Lower Laurentians, Quebec.


Fascinated by felines, our passion has led us to want a wild cat. That's how we discovered the Toyger, a very rare breed in Quebec. Seduced by their beautiful dress, we did some research to find out more. We fell in love! This house tiger looks like a wildcat, but have a sweet, playful and affectionate character.


Toygers breeding is a great adventure that we started in 2017. We both have a full-time job, as electrician and social worker. We do breeding in addition to our job, for the love of cats! We have been a couple for 20 years and we have always had cats in our daily lives. They all knew how to make a difference in our lives, with their character and their unique personality. Respect, quality and professionalism are at the heart of our concerns, both for our cats and our customers.


We hope to make you fall under the spell of the Toygers as it was the case for us!

Hélène and Éric

Latests news

Great public favorite!

Our beautiful Sheldon has scored a hat trick by winning the "Choice of Visitors" award at three consecutive feline shows in Quebec City, Joliette and St-Lin-Laurentides! We are very proud of him! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all visitors!

Toyger as a new breed in Canada

In April 2018 we had the Toyger recognized as a new breed in Canada. This is an important step for the breed in the World and we are very proud to be the pioneers here in Canada.

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