Our kittens

Kitten reservation!

A lot of people are interested in our Toygers so we have a waiting list. We ask for a $300 of deposit to be on the waiting list. When your kitten will be available, we will contact you according to your place on the waiting list.

We invite you to like our Facebook page in the contacts section, to see the evolution of our cats, their character, their environment ... and their silliness!

The price of a kitten includes:

- Sterilization

- 2 vaccines

   (rhinotrachitis, panleukopemia, calicivirus, leukemia, rabies)

- 2 dewormers

- 3 visits to the veterinarian

- Microchip

- CCC registration (Chats Canada Cats)

- Health book

- 10 days viral guarantee

- 1 year warranty against congenital malformations

- Starter Kit

- Customer service for life

Price: $ 2,000

​All our cats were tested negative for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) and FeLV (feline leukemia virus), two deadly diseases for cats. These tests ensure an environment free of feline AIDS and feline leukemia for all our kittens.


How to adopt your Toyger

1. Learn about the breed

You can find information on Toygers on our website, but we also invite you to deepen your knowledge of the breed by consulting other websites (TICA, LOOF, etc.). Do not hesitate to ask questions!


2. Ask your questions!

We love all our cats and kittens and we want the best for them. Your Toyger will give you a hundredfold everything you give him! We are here to help you take a good decision.

Is the breed suited to your lifestyle? Are you ready to commit to life with your kitten, to provide him the necessary care, to give him all the love he needs and make sure he has a happy life? Does the cattery offer the standards of the breed you are looking for? In addition to all that, we can answer your questions about the reservation contract and the sales contract.


3. Make your reservation

You will have the opportunity to come house and see our Toygers. We will meet each other and fulfill a reservation contract. That's when you will have to pay for the $300 deposit. You can specify the sex of your kitten and will be informed of our obligations towards you. You will officially have your place on the waiting list. We will also give you a copy of the sales contract so that you can read it and ask any questions you may have.


4. Follow us

On Facebook, you will see the evolution of our Toygers until the birth of their babies. When the kittens will be between 8 and 9 weeks old, we will contact you according to your place on the waiting list so that you can choose your kitten. You will choose the name of your kitten!


5. The big day

You come to get your little Toyger. You will leave with your starter kit including a toy, a blanket, a surprize and a sample of food. You will also have your kitten's health record, registration papers if we have received them (otherwise you will receive them by mail) and advices for optimal integration of your baby into your home.

Chat toyger quebec canada cat usa
Chat toyger quebec canada cat usa
Chat toyger quebec canada cat usa

Births are scheduled for September 2020 and if all goes as planned, more will follow around November or December 2020! We can't wait to see the house crawling with little Toygers kittens! 


Contact us for more information and visit our Facebook page for exclusive photos and videos of the litter!  

Chat toyger quebec canada cat usa

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